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Need Storage? - We Have Storage For You

S T O R E   Y O U R   S T U F F

You asked - we answered. Now you don't have to worry about schlepping all that stuff back and forth. You'll love the convenience of these shiny new storage lockers on the premises.

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Self-Storage Units
        A patron is someone who rents either a dock or campsite.
        A gold patron is someone who rents more than one.
   Storage Unit Rates 2024    M O N T H    Y E A R    Gold Patron Yearly   
   10X10 Non-Patron (100sq ft) $82 $984  
   10X10 Patron (100sq ft) $70 $840 $756
   10X15 Non-Patron (150sq ft) $114 $1368  
   10X15 Patron (150sq ft) $80 $960 $864
        Our storage units have a new rate for gold patrons.
        A gold patron is someone who has a dock AND campsite, OR 2 docks, OR 2 campsites and pays in advance

Here's what they look like.

storage facility

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Last updated: February 8, 2024

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